Collaboration empowered by technology.

Sisters For Change believes that connecting women through technology will bring greater progress, capacity, empowerment and innovation to the individuals, activists and practitioners working to end violence against women and girls. Sisters For Change recognises that only through collective action can we create lasting change.

“Women’s groups and collective action play a pivotal role in building momentum for progressive reform. Strong women’s movements are associated with more comprehensive policies on violence against women.” World Bank report, 2014

For this reason, we are launching the Sisters For Change Community Network in late 2014. We will bring minority and marginalised groups together to give them a stronger voice and bargaining position to claim their rights. We will provide a platform for members to build alliances and increase their organisational reach. And we will help grow capacity and stimulate innovation among grassroots organisations by providing them with tools, data and resources.

Our long-term goal is to build a community network that is recognised for its active thought-leadership and practice in the field of women’s rights. Find out more.