Join the Future Brain Trust

Sisters For Change is building a forum to engage young minds

If you are 18-26 years old and an "idea entrepreneur," join the Sisters For Change Future Brain Trust and help make violence against women a thing of the past.

Benefits of joining

  • Learn about women's rights and the criminal justice system in your country and others.

  • Meet peers from around the world and work in virtual teams to develop new ideas to reach out to young people and involve them in our work.

  • Work with other members to design new campaigns and information materials to inform young women and men about how to end violence against women and girls.

  • Come up with ideas for how to improve Sisters For Change Facebook and Twitter presences, and provide advice to other member organisations.

  • Become a contributing youth writer to the Sisters For Change Newsletter and Blog.

  • Receive priority consideration when applying to volunteer or for an internship position with Sisters For Change.
  • How to join

    Join today! Become a member and help grow the Sisters For Change Future Brain Trust. Simply fill out the membership form below and we’ll get in contact.